Net Entertainment launches Aliens slot

Net Entertainment Launches Aliens Slot

Licensed slots games are enjoying particular popularity at the moment, with Microgaming having one of their biggest successes ever with the launch of The Dark Knight Rises. This company has gone into preproduction for a Terminator 2 slots game as well, and the Marvel range from Playtech continues to climb the charts. iSoftBet has gotten into the game with Beverly Hills 90210, and they are hopeful that their game based on the 24 television series will enjoy the same level of success, but fans of horror films wait with bated breath as Net Entertainment launches Aliens slot officially.

Popular Horror Movie Slots Theme

This film is considered by many to be one of the greatest films in the horror genre, with Sigourney Weaver’s stellar performance ensuring it remains a pleasure to watch over 30 years later. As Net Entertainment launches Aliens slot, fans of this developer will remember how flawlessly their Scarface slots game was executed, although this isn’t the only area NetEnt has previously had success with. The South Park slot this company debuted in 2013 was very well received, and they hope to please many more fans with their new offering.

As Net Entertainment launches Aliens slot a number of firsts were celebrated, with this game being the first to incorporate so-called real-time 3D graphics. Graphics have always been a very strong point for NetEnt games, with a number of their slots going well beyond expectations as far as visuals are concerned, but Alien has upped even their high standard.

Setup for Aliens Slots Game

Net Entertainment launches Aliens slot with the introduction of the concept of levels, and allows players to relive certain memorable moments from the film, like the search, the encounter and, of course, the hive.

The president and chief executive of Net Ent, Per Eriksson, has been quoted as saying that the film is a genuine classic, and the company has been proud to announce their personal best as far as video slots development is concerned. Their continuing quest to drive the online casino game market forward by providing first-class entertainment is exemplified as Net Entertainment launches Aliens slot, and they feel hopeful that the innovations they have introduced will provide the kind of value their fans have come to expect.

The Aliens slots game from Net Entertainment features respins; collectible multipliers and wild substitutions alongside truly extraordinary graphics that allow the player to view the action from a camera installed on a marine’s helmet, and enjoy an exciting soundtrack that heightens the tension during play. The player’s aim is to scan infected areas for proof of alien activity, and make it through waves of attacks from the hostile creatures in order to reach the queen’s hive and lay his or her hands on the huge cash bonus that awaits them there.

The game is divided up into three different stages, with the first, The Search, starting things off. Players scan infested areas and collect symbols, each with their own multiplier value, in order to add them to the Alien Activity meter. This level has nine steps, and, after players have completed these, they are able to move on to the second level, The Encounter. Fill the Alien Activity meter once more in order to continue on to The Hive, level three.