The Winter Sport of Bobsleigh

Bobsleigh, also known as bobsled, is an extremely popular winter sports game involving teams racing against a clock in specially customised sleighs through a long and winding course.

Bobsleigh is arguably the most popular and well-known sport in the Winter Olympics, to the point where there has even been a big-budget film created based on a famous Jamaican bobsleigh team. Two to four people make up the teams involved in the sport, of which there different divisions.

The teams take the sled down the course using gravity, weight, and the cut routes of the ice to try and achieve the best possible times. When the events have come to an end, the total score is calculated based on the combined total runs of each team.

History of Bobsleigh

Sledding has been a favourite pastime during winter for hundreds of years, but bobsleigh as a professional sport is quite recent. During the early 1900s, many were starting to combine sled of different builds, also known as skeleton sled, and using them to travel down homemade courses. Once the sport had started to catch on, hotels in Switzerland used it as a means to tempt more people to stay at the hotels, with sled rides provided by the hotel. As time went on, the sport grained popularity, and around the United Kingdom and Europe people began creating custom racing sleighs, designed to reach high speeds using gravity.

Informal races took place on frozen roads, and people from the community would race against each other. By the time 1924 had come around, the sport had officially been added to the Winter Olympics. Additionally, there are now championships found in North America, Germany, and France.

Bobsleigh Racing

This is a highly competitive sport, and often the winning times are down to a few hundreds of a second. This makes the competition some of the fiercest in the Olympic games, and also an extremely popular betting sport.

The sleighs use a mixture of gravity, weight, and skill to win, where every sleigh has a pilot, and the rest of the team are there to ensure the sleigh has the maximum force for the first push down the course. This can often mean the difference between winning and losing, as the finishing times for the sport are so precise.

The people that man the sleighs are incredibly strong, as the sport requires vast amounts of stamina and endurance. The pilot of the sleigh has very little control on the direction it will go, as the sleigh tends to follow the cut of the ice. The pilot, can, however, make small adjustments, which can often mean getting that small advantage over the opposing team.

Bobsleigh Betting

There are few other sports that provide the thrill of betting as bobsleigh competitions and its very different to the live betting AFL thrills. The precise nature of the time makes it anyone’s game, and this is why the sport has become so popular among bettors, especially those of experience. Online bookmakers provide full coverage of the sports, and bettors can find countless bookmakers available to use both during the Winter Olympics and the various bobsleigh tournaments held around the world.