Casino Myths Busted

Casino Myths Busted

Casinos, both online and real world, are home to a great many myths, legends and superstitions. This is bound to happen, given that casinos are places where fortunes are quickly lost and made.

The vast majority of these myths are, however, simply as the name says; myths, and are not t be taken seriously. Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly held casino myths, and expose them or the nonsense they are.

Pokies Games Cheat

One of the most commonly held myths is that pokies games are cheats, designed to carefully take advantage of players and steal their money. The myth says that pokies games are created by the game developers to lure players in with easy wins, after which the game switches to “hard mode,” and takes the winning payouts back, plus every penny the player has entered the game with.

A few advanced myths say that in real world casinos different pokies games in different locations around the casino have better payouts.

Pokies games, real world and online, are very strictly created to be completely random in their payouts. Furthermore, the payout amount of pokies games is regulated by law. This means that inspectors regularly check pokies games, and if any wrong doing is detected, the casino is shutdown immediately, and the owners find enormous amounts. Plus, altering pokies games to even do such a thing would be an enormously complicated and difficult process, making it highly unlikely that any casino owners would even try.

Gambler’s Fallacy And Reverse Gambler’s Fallacy

Another popularly held myth is that if a number has come up in a game like roulette, that the number is therefore less likely to come up in the future. Or, alternatively, that if a number has not come up for a long time it is due for an appearance. The same can apply to dice, bingo, or any other game based on a random element.

This is not true at all. Every spin of the roulette wheel is random, and any number as likely to come up as any other number. Roulette wheels and dice do not have memories.

Casino Games Are all Just Luck

This myth is a double edged sword, because some games are all just about luck. Pokies games, for example, are largely based around random lucky spin of the reels. Games such as poker, blackjack, and roulette, however, benefit vastly from skill levels, and in fact can be used to earn a full time living by exceptionally skilled players.

Card Counting Is Illegal

This myths is also a double edged sword, since although card counting is not, in fact, illegal, the casino still has the right to throw out players that they are not happy with. If this makes you throw up your hands and scoff, keep in mind that the local pub has the right to do the same thing. The term “right of admission” reserved means that you are entering private property, and may not behave in any way you like. How would you feel I someone came into your house and acted the fool?

Aussie Reel Spinners

Top Class Aussie Reel Spinners

Aussies have always had a bit of a love affair with pokies machines. Forming the bases of any traditional land-based or online casino, the pokies are a popular choice of gaming genre for players in quest of thrilling entertainment.

Here at, all the ultimate Aussie pokies and their characteristics have been neatly categorized into an easy to navigate text, for your ultimate convenience.

Players from Australia in quest of premium online Aussie pokies machines here at will find this information useful when selecting the most suitable Aussie pokies titles.

Pokies machines geared distinctly for Aussies are available in a multiplicity of pokies types and genres. With modern technologies transition into a media hyped world, sensory information available online, floods players’ screens, making the Best pokies almost indistinguishable from average spinners.

Aussies considering the information here at should be aware that each and every Aussie pokies machine option has been designed to fill a market requirement. All pokies machines have unique attributes, which appeal to a variety of individual player needs.

With modern pokies options a rich and diverse assortment of genres and types, players from Australia can experiment with each type of slots game on a variety of platforms and devices.

Pokies Adapt Constantly

Pokies machines started out as simple mechanical games, which provided enjoyable entertainment coupled with the opportunity to win instant prizes. First appearing in pubs and clubs in and around the U.K, slots machines quickly spread into urban culture.

The term fruit machine was coined from the characteristics of the machine itself. Fruit icons represented the majority of reel symbols, including but not limited to cherries, bananas, lemons, pears, peaches, cherries, bars and sevens.

The traditional, old school pokies machines incorporate a distinct interface, set up with just one single payline, three rows and three reels. The focus is directed towards playability, with the raw element of fun infused into a gaming culture that made these machines a non-thinking, entertainment tradition amongst players across the globe.

Players making use, will be delighted to know that old school slots are still very much alive and kicking, old school Aussie pokies can still be found in online gaming libraries and brick and mortar establishments in Australia.

Pokies adapt with the times constantly, the majority of providers retain old school pokies for Aussies seeking traditional game play.

Each provider has accommodated individual preferences, with technology set to improve year on year; the fundamentals of pokies remain much the same. The game types and setup have evolved to accommodate a sensory experience, perfectly adept for modern Aussie players.

The Characteristics Of Modern Pokies

Here at providing players with well-rounded information allows Aussies to make informed decisions on modern pokies and their preferred functionality.

The functionality of modern pokies allows for thrilling game play, coupled with extra incentive offerings, affording players with opportunity to win big. With all new coding structures and various ways to win, new age pokies for Aussies incorporate a host of captivating features.

The most notable feature adjustments include more ways to win, an increased number of paylines and reels, animated sequences bringing the game to life, special symbols allowing for more rewarding play and even bonus offerings that have the ability to extend game play and boost the winnings purse.

Scatter Free Spins Pokies Feature

Free spins are an extra incentive to play online video slots. Players here at should be aware that new age slots are complete with special symbols. One of these special symbols is known as the scatter symbol.

In general three or more scatter symbols appearing on a win line amongst the reels, will reward players with a random number of free spins on the game. Free spins are a bankroll booster, which have the potential to increase prizes even further through random dynamic multipliers.

Bonus Symbols

Bonus symbols are another special symbol within modern pokies titles. The bonus symbol will trigger a bonus game should players land three or more bonus symbols on the reels.

Bonus games range from free spins to pick and win features, increasing the winnings purse and allowing for big winning potential.

Wild Symbols

Players here at will notice that modern slots have a diverse pay table. One of the specials symbols within the modern pokies machine is known as the wild symbol and generally has he ability to substitute for any other symbol in the game.

The wild symbol affords players with more chances at matching three or more symbols on a win line, ensuring better winning chances with every spin.

Expanding Wild Symbols

Expanding wild symbols function nearly identically to standard wild symbols. The expanding wild symbol will expand over the reels to cover multiple positions on the reels. This feature ensures players from Australia with even better chances at striking a winning combination on the reels.

Sticky Wild Symbols

Sticky wild symbols are designed with a twist, these symbols function just like wild symbols but have the ability to remain in place for a certain number of predetermined spins

The sticky wild sticks to its reel position, affording players with the opportunity to match enhanced winning combinations on every spin, where the sticky wild remains in place.

Stacked Wild Symbols

Stacked wild symbols function similarly to expanding wild symbols. Stacked wild symbols will mount stacked on top of one another on a single reel or many. Like expanding wilds stacked wilds fill multiple positions, the key difference is that a stacked wild will occupy a single reels row.

Here at, we provide players with all the featured angles on any one slots game in order to account for the individual requirements. By providing players from Australia with the most suitable games, we ensure the most rewarding pokies experience.

Transferring Wild Symbols

Transferring wild symbols have the ability to transfer from one set of reels to another. Usually found in pokies titles that are complete with colossal reel sets, transferring wild symbols have the ability to mirror each reel set, providing players with even better chances of forming a winning combination.

Win from Either Way

Rare but useful, the win from both directions feature affords players with the opportunity to match symbols on the reels from right to left, or from left to right.

Random Triggers

Random triggers are built in special features that have no direct way of triggering. All random triggers will prompt automatically throughout the duration of the game. This special feature allows for random spins or instant prizes to be rewarded by fortune of the random number generator.

Gamble Features

The gamble feature present in the majority of video slots affords players to take a chance on any winnings amount. After any win simply opt for the gamble feature to double, triple or even quadruple your wings through simple prediction based game play.


Multipliers have a special time and place, players will need to land a number of winning combinations consecutively or simply trigger random multipliers that are coupled with the free spins bonus offering.

Multipliers increase winnings amount by multiplying the winnings up to a random numerical amount, usually in the range of 2X up to 20X win amount.

Pokies Types

Setting form and structure into motion with a healthy dose of creative concepts and a twist of balanced software, Aussie pokies options and types exist in extreme varieties.

Players in quest of the most tailored pokies machines here at should consider each type of pokies machine and its individual characteristics.

With online casinos options in Australia offering players a diverse selection of Aussie pokies machines, understanding each type of pokies with our easy to access guide here at will ensure the ultimate player experience.

All pokies types available across the board include three reel classic slots, video slots, progressive jackpot slots, three-dimensional slots and pokies tournaments, which are often free to enter in certain online casinos.

super rugby betting

Online Super Rugby Betting

Fans of Super Rugby know that it offers the most hard hitting and exciting rugby action from the finest rugby nations.

Online super rugby betting lets you place real money wagers in NZ dollars on both local and international matches. There are 18 teams that play multiple matches fighting their way to the Super Rugby finals.

`Players who switch to online super rugby betting will immediately realise the ease and convenience that it offers sports betting fans. You can browse a huge range of sporting events that take place around the year and easily place your bets.

You also get access to the latest sports news and results so that you can make infirmed betting decisions and get the absolute best value for money.

Wager With International Currencies

You can place bets in a variety of currencies. These include New Zealand dollar bets, American dollar bets and Euro bets.

Since the online sports betting site serves people around the world, you will never be limited to a single currency.

If you look for sites that accept New Zealand dollars, you will not be limited when it comes to the quality of the site. You can still find great odds, great bonuses and great customer service.

The Super Rugby Structure

Your super rugby betting can be done on 18 teams that take part in the event. These teams are from Argentina, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and South Africa.

The modern structure of the Super Rugby betting is that each country plays their teams in a conference. The winners from these conferences go on to face one another, with a home game and an away game for each team.

From here the teams go into the finals which are made up of the best teams of each of the conferences as well as the next three teams that have earned the highest number of points along with two winners from the lowest ranking team sudden death matches.

Super Rugby Betting Options

Online sports betting sites offer you single bets, spread bets, futures and many more wager options. You can find every standard bet you will find in a brick and mortar betting shop and much much more.

You will find free software, betting tips and odds that as land based betting shop will not be able to compete with at online sports betting sites.

Convenient Anytime Betting

Online sports betting sites operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Office hours do not exist in their vocabulary.

Once you download the sports betting applications many site offer, you will be able to make bets using your Smartphone. This means that at any time of day you will be bale o quickly take out your phone and place some real money wagers on your favourite teams.

Site Security

Online sports betting offers you a safe and secure online environment for your real money wagers.

The latest date encryption software protects members and their personal information as well as the site itself from hackers and online scammers.


The Winter Sport of Bobsleigh

Bobsleigh, also known as bobsled, is an extremely popular winter sports game involving teams racing against a clock in specially customised sleighs through a long and winding course.

Bobsleigh is arguably the most popular and well-known sport in the Winter Olympics, to the point where there has even been a big-budget film created based on a famous Jamaican bobsleigh team. Two to four people make up the teams involved in the sport, of which there different divisions.

The teams take the sled down the course using gravity, weight, and the cut routes of the ice to try and achieve the best possible times. When the events have come to an end, the total score is calculated based on the combined total runs of each team.

History of Bobsleigh

Sledding has been a favourite pastime during winter for hundreds of years, but bobsleigh as a professional sport is quite recent. During the early 1900s, many were starting to combine sled of different builds, also known as skeleton sled, and using them to travel down homemade courses. Once the sport had started to catch on, hotels in Switzerland used it as a means to tempt more people to stay at the hotels, with sled rides provided by the hotel. As time went on, the sport grained popularity, and around the United Kingdom and Europe people began creating custom racing sleighs, designed to reach high speeds using gravity.

Informal races took place on frozen roads, and people from the community would race against each other. By the time 1924 had come around, the sport had officially been added to the Winter Olympics. Additionally, there are now championships found in North America, Germany, and France.

Bobsleigh Racing

This is a highly competitive sport, and often the winning times are down to a few hundreds of a second. This makes the competition some of the fiercest in the Olympic games, and also an extremely popular betting sport.

The sleighs use a mixture of gravity, weight, and skill to win, where every sleigh has a pilot, and the rest of the team are there to ensure the sleigh has the maximum force for the first push down the course. This can often mean the difference between winning and losing, as the finishing times for the sport are so precise.

The people that man the sleighs are incredibly strong, as the sport requires vast amounts of stamina and endurance. The pilot of the sleigh has very little control on the direction it will go, as the sleigh tends to follow the cut of the ice. The pilot, can, however, make small adjustments, which can often mean getting that small advantage over the opposing team.

Bobsleigh Betting

There are few other sports that provide the thrill of betting as bobsleigh competitions and its very different to the live betting AFL thrills. The precise nature of the time makes it anyone’s game, and this is why the sport has become so popular among bettors, especially those of experience. Online bookmakers provide full coverage of the sports, and bettors can find countless bookmakers available to use both during the Winter Olympics and the various bobsleigh tournaments held around the world.

Bloodlines in racing

Knowing Your Bloodlines in Racing

Certain pedigrees or bloodlines have proven themselves to be successful in horse racing. The horses that they produce are more often winners than horses from unknown bloodlines. Of course, because these lines are successful there are more horses bred with them, which can create a number of issues.

Firstly there may be more than one horse from the successful bloodline in a race. Knowing which one to back may not be a simple as just looking at its sire.

The blood line which is introduced from the dam is as important as the sire, if not more so. When choosing which horse to back, have a look at least three horses back in the dam line to see if there are any recognisable mares or stallions.

Getting Familiar With Pedigrees

There are a large number of sites on the Internet which will show you not only a horse’s pedigree back to about ten places, but also their race results. Having a look at the well known, successful horses and who they are by is a good way to get to know some successful lines so that you can recognise them on site. This will help when placing a bet on the smaller races that involve unproven youngsters.

You will find that most of the well-known horses come from a certain number of lines. Some lines are known to produce racing mares, others stallions and some geldings. Geldings tend to run for longer as they cannot be used in breeding, so although they may be from great lines, the lineage ends with them. Stallions from good lines are often run for a short while in order to prove the individuals’ talent, and then retired to breed before something goes wrong on the track.

Danehill Line

One of the most prolific lines in Australian thoroughbreds, and thoroughbreds from all around the world is the Danehill line. Danehill was a stallion by Danzig, who was in turn by one of the most prolific stallions of all time Northern Dancer. Danehill had a good racing record, but it was as a sire that he really excelled. His sons have proven themselves as superb racehorses, with the likes of Fastnet Rock and Redoute’s Choice. Redoute’s Choice made over a million dollars in prize money, winning a number of group one races making it some of the best horse racing betting.

Danehill is best known for his sons who became superb stallions, however. Four of his sons made the top sires list in Australia in one year, and his blood runs in a number of champions including Takedown, Blackheart Bart and Delicacy. His line consistently produces winners from all three genders of racehorses, gelding’s mares and colts. Backing a Danehill bred horse is almost always a sure thing.

The downfall to his success however, is that there is so much Danehill blood in Australia, that breeders have to be very careful which horses get bred with which so as not to create inbreeding This could result in less Danehill blood in the future, which although will be a good thing for breeding may not be as good news for punters.

Dragons Inferno slot

 Get Fired Up With Dragons Inferno Slot

Follow a band of brave explorers as they delve into the Dragons Inferno. This online slot by Williams Interactive Games has an archer, a fighter and a magician explore a dragons cave in order to uncover lost riches hoarded by this beast.

Dragons Inferno slot has 30 paylines spread across 5 reels. The bonus features include a free spins round with a 2x multiplier and a special dragon symbol that will turn surrounding symbols into matching symbols to trigger wins.

The jackpot prize on offer is a 200x your line wager prize. The wins in this game offer you a theoretical RTP of around 95.97%.

The Flaming Replicating Wilds

On the 3rd reel you will occasionally see a giant dragon symbol spin past. Whenever he lands on the reels he will shoot up to 6 fireballs at the reels making every symbol he hits match.

The reels will now be revaluated and any winning combination formed from these symbols will pay out. This feature will also remain active during the Dragons Inferno free spins bonus feature.

The Scaly Free Spins Bonus Game

Another dragon symbol is the feature trigger symbol. This symbol features the big red dragon. This feature trigger is a scatter symbol so you won’t have to worry about this symbol lining up on one of the pay lines. Instead you simply need 3 to 5 of these dragons to land anywhere in view.

During the Dragons Inferno slot free spins, up to 40 free spins can be yours. The free spins are awarded in increments of 10, 20 and 40 spins. The amount of spins are related to whether you land3, 4 or 5 scatters ion the reels.

During the Dragons Inferno feature, any combination you land on the reels will be doubled in its payout value. You will also see that the symbols that appear on the 1st and last reel will be stacked in the reel, meaning more than one matching symbol will appear on top of each other.

The Heroes And Their Gear

The Dragons Inferno reel symbols are a collection of potions, magical artefacts, weapons and heroes. If you have ever played a role playing game, the imagery in this online slot will be instantly familiar to you.

Starting off the slot symbols, you will find 4 card suit symbols. They feature a hearty, a club, a diamond and a spade. The heart and club symbol may be the lowest value symbols but they still offer a jackpot payout of 50x your staked line wager.

Once you move to the higher value icons, you will find a red health potion, a crystal ball, a glowing green sword and a book of spells. The potion and crystal ball symbols share their prize value and both have a 100x jackpot on offer. The sword and spell book increases this payout to 150x.

The main symbols however feature the dragon’s treasure, worth 500x and of course our band of heroes who all share a jackpot prize value of 200x.

Dragon Island

Dragon Island Online Slot

While some dragon-related online slot games centre themselves not just the dragons, but things associated with dragons, such as Medieval imagery, Dragon Island is focused completely on dragons. This means the slot features different types of dragons of varying colours and designs, and lovers of all things dragon will immediately find the appeal in the game. And, while Net Entertainment has created other dragon-related slot games, Dragon Island is unique in its symbols and overall theme, and there is much praise that can be directed at the bright and vibrant artwork of both the dragons themselves and the environment that the dragons are in.

The game and gameplay itself involves a standard set of 5 reels with 15 paylines, low and high value symbols, various betting options, as well as a 2500x jackpot. There are three main bonus features offered by Dragon Island, Win Both Ways, Free Spins, and the Golden Wild.

Dragon Island Design

Like with most Net Entertainment slots, Dragon Island is high quality and extremely user friendly, and players both seasoned and new should have no trouble navigating the game upon their first playthrough. Betting, settings, and information can be found below the reels along the bottom of the screen. Here, the player can make their wagers, choose the active payline amount, as well as coin value and other settings. There are displays to either side that show the total balance available that can be used, as well as the total betting and total winning amount for every spin. Spin and autoplay buttons are available and can be used to the player’s preference.

Symbols are straightforward, with numbers and letters making up everything from low to medium value. The dragons themselves are the symbols of high value, as well the as the symbols needed to start up the bonus content during gameplay.

Dragon Island Win Both Ways Bonus

On the far right side, below the reels, players will find a button that activates the Win Both Ways bonus. Selecting it doubles the wager amount, but also allows for winning combinations to be landed from both right to left and from left to right. This made also allows the second bonus, The Golden Wild, to be activated.

Dragon Island The Golden Wild

While the Win Both Ways mode is active, it is possible to land the Golden Wild symbol, and landing it in a winning combination can multiply the win amount anywhere between 2x and 8x.

Dragon Island Free Spins Bonus

The scatter in Dragon Island is depicted as a volcano, and three, four, or five of them have a chance of landing and activating the free spins bonus. This means players have the chance of receiving anywhere between 10 to 50 free spins, with even more free spins available to win during these rounds. It is also possible to land an expanding wild.

Dragon Island Verdict

Dragon Island is a slot aimed at players who love dragons, magic, and myths. And even if the theme of the slot is unappealing to some, the strong gameplay and bonus content should more than make up for that.



Eagle’s Wings

Eagle’s Wings Online Slots Microgaming has tapped into the popular North American Nature genre in online slots and produced Eagle’s Wings, a well designed, colourful online slots game with fun eagle symbols and astonishing landscape views.

The game opens with an introductory video clip casting an eagle’s view from the top reflecting on the breath taking lakes and mountains covered in snow.

Eagle’s Wings brings you everything a good online slot should have like Wild symbols with lucrative winning totals, bonus games and more.

This is a 5 reel video online game with a total of 25 adjustable pay lines. The variety of coin bets range from small time bets to bigger bets and everything in between.

Wild Cards And Free Spins

Eagle’s Wings Wild symbol can replace any other symbols in order to create winning combinations. You can maximise your winnings by benefiting from the Wild symbols, as they yield high winning totals.

The Eagle’s Wings game also brings you the Scatter symbol, and landing 3 or more of these in one spin will activate the Lucky Eagles Bonus game. This new Bonus screen open up with shiny coins displayed all over, and the player must select any 3 of these coins. If you click on the coins of your choice it will open up a value underneath each coin. This value represents the number of spins you have received in this Bonus round.

The amount of free spins are capped at 60 spins per coin, but an average bonus game delivers anything from 20 to 30 spins, which opens up a worthwhile window of opportunity to maximise your winnings. The Bonus game allows you to earn even more free spins whilst in Bonus mode, and this round also features a guaranteed multiplier that will multiply every single winning by 3 times.

Eagle’s Wings also brings two jackpots to the table, however, none of which is progressive. The mini jackpot is set at 500 coins and the ultimate jackpot yields winnings of 1000 coins, making real money play very rewarding.

Eagle’s Wings Interface

This game is innovatively designed and the colour gold, so often used throughout the game, sets a royal mood.

Eagle’s Wings has an easy to use interface, and the user friendly controls makes for a very joyous play. This game has an information tab that the players can use to familiarise themselves with how to play this game. You can adjust your bet amount by flicking the left arrow I the bottom left corner to secure a lower bet amount, or just flicking the right opposing arrow to increase the bet value. Eagle’s Wings also has a real time winnings counter that reflects your total current earnings at any given time.

You can adjust the speed of this game to your own preference, and the auto play function is available for those players who prefer to set a few lines and spin them using auto play. Eagle’s Wings also come with standard quick spin and maximum bet function.

Dungeons and Dragons – Crystal Caverns

Dungeons And Dragons -Crystal Caverns Online Slots

Dungeons and Dragons-Crystal Caverns is a high definition online slots game that was developed by IGT. Players will be pleased to know that this online game is supported by  both Windows and Apple MAC operated PC’s.

Dungeons and Dragons-Crystal Caverns is a high quality graphical video slot that has 5 reels and 20 pay lines.

This online game has regular symbols like blue, purple and yellow crystals, jewels, skeletons and monster like trolls and is set against the backdrop of a mysterious cave like dungeon.

What To Expect From The Game

Dungeons and Dragons-Crystal Caverns has a special Wild and Bonus symbol.

The dragon represents the Wild symbol and can replace any other regular symbol to create a winning combination.

This online game also has a rewarding Bonus symbol that activates free spins when the Bonus symbol appears in reel 1 to 3 at the same time. This will award you 6 free spins. If you manage to unleash more of these Bonus symbols during any of the 6 spins, this will result in 2 to 15 additional games granted to the player.

The maximum number of spins in the bonus round is limited to 300.

The maximum bet allowed is 100 coins and the set jackpot amounts to 250 000 coins.

The Tumbling Reels Features

This is a feature where the symbols of winning combinations vanish and the reels are filled with new symbols that fall from above in no specific order. Every time this happens new winning combinations are identified and so you accumulate winnings on these active pay lines. These symbols and crystals just keep falling and as the winning lines activate winnings, new symbols fall into those open slots. This is one of the features of this game that allows you to maximise on pay outs. The Tumbling Reels feature of Dungeons and Dragons Crystal Cavern may activate in either the normal course of play or the Bonus round, and this feature continues until there are no winning lines left, and all the spaces have been filled with symbols.

You can activate the Tumbling Reels bonus feature by landing 3 bonus symbols on 1 line, but this is limited to once per reel only. After successfully triggered this Tumbling Reels feature in the bonus round, you will received 6 spins for free. This phase allows you to also reactivate the bonus again and again until you have no spins left or until you reached the 300 spin cap. The reactivation of this Bonus feature will occur if you land 3 to 5 bonus symbols anywhere, not just on one line as at inception of the Tumbling Reels bonus feature. This bonus round also triggers the monster symbols to pay out bigger rewards.

Dungeons And Dragons Crystal Cavern Interface

This virtual slots game is accessible in various different European languages. The game has been designed to be user friendly and easy to navigate. There is a tips function available on the face of the game which can be used for enquiries regarding rules and how to play the game. The player can also access the pay table in order to see what combinations will yield what amount of winnings. Dungeon and Dragons-Crystal Caverns has an automatic spin function and there is also a balance inquiry tab to track your coin balance.

Solera Casino, Fitzgerald

Solera Casino, Operated by Fitzgerald Industries

Fitzgerald Industries is a Curacao-based company that operates the Solera Casino. Solera Casino games operate off a number of reputable flash and instant play software platforms, including Betsoft and Leander Games. The casino is licensed by the government of Curacao and does not accept US players. The casino was established in 2004.

The games at Solera Casino are generally flash games, and therefore play directly in the web browser. The casino itself is powered by Betsoft software, although also offering games with Rival and Sheriff Gaming software. This is where the variety comes in, and overall the casino presents all types of games such as slots, video poker, card games, table games, poker games, and bingo games, even scratchcards and keno.

The Operating Organisation

Fitzgerald Industries, in designing and implementing a standard bonus system, provides match bonus on top of a player’s first deposit, which can be used on most of Solera Casino’s games. Fitzgerald Industries, as operator, though, imposes fairly stringent wagering requirements before players are able to cash out, or withdraw winnings.

In principle, Fitzgerald Industries base their bonuses on loyalty. Wagering levels determine players’ VIP status and this leads to more bonuses. Along with the welcome bonus there are also referral bonuses, happy hour promotions, and more. Fitzgerald Industries also directly sponsor an affiliate program, where affiliates earn a commission based on the player’s deposits.

Games in Detail

Solera Casino has a Spanish style or theme, which is quite different, and contributes to the colourful interface and atmosphere. Solera Casino uses Blue Gem Gaming and Rival Gaming software, and their games may therefore be dominated by classic three-reel slots, these slot machines also contain some really different aspects. The full range of slots games include the three-reel, four-reel, and five-reel varieties. There are also a decent selection of table games at Solera Casino, including the traditional favourites like blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. Solera Casino also delivers Caribbean Stud Poker and the classic French game la boule.

Video poker players are catered to with five variants, being Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, Joker Poker, Double Joker Poker, and Deuces Wild.

Associated Services

Solera Casino and Fitzgerald Industries meet the expected standards for customer service. They offer live chat, the instant way players get assistance. This service is unfortunately only offered from 16:00 to 20:00 Monday through Friday. The phone support service, too, is limited from 12:00 to 20:00 Monday through Friday. The only 24/7 option is email.

Solera Casino safeguards all communication with industry standard encryption. This means that player financial data as well as personal information is properly protected, and can play at this site with peace of mind on the subject. Solera Casino does not post any randomness verification certifications on their website. However, the software used is relatively well-known, as is Fitzgerald Industries so, again, players should have no concerns.

Solera Casino uses the latest random number generation systems, which makes the casino as fair as is possible. The casino, through the operating software offers many secure online funds transfer methods which include Neteller, UKash, Skrill and the credit cards MasterCard and Visa.